25 No-Brainers to Ensure Your 5 Year-Old is Socially Acceptable

I'm Cuter AND Better Behaved Than Your Kid

Take a close look at your young child. Has she adopted the simple manners and etiquette necessary to elicit compliments from others on her behavior? If people aren’t telling you at least once in a while how well-behaved your child is, that’s probably because she’s not.

Look Familiar?

By age 5 your child should be…

1. Washing their hands after using the restroom (without being told);

2. Looking the waitress in the eye, ordering for themselves and starting with, “May I please have…”;

3. Falling asleep on their own…in their own bed;

4. Stopping dead in their tracks when told to do so by an adult

5. Capable of crossing the street safely

6. Saying ‘excuse me’ before interrupting an adult

7. Keeping their hands to themselves in fancy stores

8. Addressing all adults, with the exception of family, as Ms., Mrs., Dr. or Mr.

9. Clearing their plate after dinner

10. Making their bed

11. Understanding the difference between want and need

12. Losing the baby talk

13. Swallowing a Motrin

14. Finished with temper tantrums

15. Respectful of individuals with disabilities

16. Making it through the school day without any sign-ins or office visits

17. Remembering their backpack, homework and lunch without any reminders

18. Accepting the consequences of bad behavior

19. Feeding the dog and taking it for a walk

20. Saving birthday money

21. Eating whatever their mom and dad put in front of them, without complaint

22. Making simple meals, like pancakes or sandwiches, with little assistance

23. Done with Dora The Explorer, The Wiggles and Bob the Builder

24. Capable of sitting through a feature-length movie without leaving their seat

25. Understanding and accepting ‘no’

What’s in your top 25? What are the behavioral musts in your house, and which ones are your kids skipping over?

About oneburnedoutmama

Ever so slightly burned out mama. Love kids. Not so much on a few of the parents. Hate folding laundry. Love long stretches of silence. Prefer rain over sun and football over HGTV.
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3 Responses to 25 No-Brainers to Ensure Your 5 Year-Old is Socially Acceptable

  1. “13. Swallowing an aspirin”

    Oh, goodness. Children should never be given aspirin, especially for fever, as there is a small (but very real) risk of Reye’s Syndrome, which is a serious and potentially fatal disease. My friend’s brother nearly died from it when we were kids. To be safe, you should avoid giving aspirin to anyone under the age of 16.

  2. awhite10 says:

    Where are you from?
    We skip over
    # 8. Teachers, librarians, people like that. But I don’t expect my kid to call every adult something so formal.
    #10 because honestly I don’t make my bed why should they? Nobody sees your bed and it gets unmade every night anyway!!
    #13 Because most everything they need is available in a liquid form so I don’t see the necissity of that one
    #19 he feeds him but he’s too big for him to walk. Even when Porkchop is good.
    #20 because it’s his to spend how he chooses even if it’s unwise like spending it all on Pokemon cards and then trading all the new ones for crappy ones from the neighbors haha
    #21 because At our school they do no Thank you bites, and we’ve adopted this policy at home. take 1 bite and if you don’t like it then you don’t have to eat it. He likes to try new food but I won’t make him eat something he doesn’t like. He will just go hungry
    I don’t think there’s any behavior in my house that I would add to the list

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