Oneburnedoutmama’s December Book Club Selection

Finally! An alternative to Goodnight Moon

This month’s book selection is intentionally short…and funny. We are knee-deep in holiday fun [obligation], so I thought a quick read (and hopefully a good belly laugh) would be appreciated.

Go the F*ck To Sleep is literary genius. After all these years of cajoling, negotiating and begging, we finally have a book that slaps a nice, big parental exclamation point on the age-old plea “It’s time for bed.”

There is a great review by Jonathan Kiefer on sfweekly. Here are the first few paragraphs – click on the link to read the review in its entirety:

Not all of them will admit it, but most authors want their books to become Amazon bestsellers. Being an Amazon bestseller before even being published seems like a lot to ask. Being a prepublication Amazon bestseller that wasn’t even supposed to be a real book but instead just a facetious Facebook suggestion for one, however, seems like a sign of the times.

This explains why local writer Adam Mansbach‘s Facebook page, where he once joked about writing a children’s book called Go the F*ck to Sleep is now filled with link after link of media coverage anticipating that very book. It explains why Mansbach’s virally anticipated “children’s book for adults,” as he now describes it, has in fact been so virally anticipated that its publication date got bumped up from November to June. Maybe it even explains why people don’t talk about Men of Letters anymore — not because it’s sexist, but because we’ve moved on to Men of Status Updates.

Link to full article

I’m not a big fan of using profanity to get your point across (my husband’s mom says that swearing is the crutch of a weak mind), but if you look beyond the initial shock of seeing the f-bomb in a children’s book, you should be able to appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humor behind it (especially if you’re one of those super-tired mamas that are in the thick of trying to get your kids to sleep through the night).

Happy reading!


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