I’m baaaaack


An extended absence from the blogosphere is never a good thing…that is, if you cherish things like stats, popularity, etc. Luckily for you, dear reader, my only goal for this forum is to provide a very valuable community service. It’s been awhile, so I’ll reiterate…


Now, those of you with high school-aged children…you may be tempted to X out of this post because it doesn’t apply to you. I mean, your kids are nearly grown, right? You’ve stepped aside – you’ve allowed them to gravitate toward the things that interest them even if they don’t align with YOUR dreams. Right?

Well of course not. You’re still way too attached. That’s why you’re hanging on. And reading on.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not judging you. I’m just asking you to admit it. Think of it as an OPA meeting…Overparenting Anonymous. You know you need us.

So here I am. Back at the post. Ready to reveal our worst atrocities….the overparenting that occurs at elementary, middle school and even high school (and college!!). I’m here to help. Let’s navigate these shark-infested waters together. Join me over the next several months as I reveal new information from the perspective of a “parent of a high school student”. You thought you were out of the water – HA!

Refill the Xanax and I’ll see you here – as often as I can manage. I care about YOU. I care about the future of your children. I am…One Burned Out Mama. At your service.

About oneburnedoutmama

Ever so slightly burned out mama. Love kids. Not so much on a few of the parents. Hate folding laundry. Love long stretches of silence. Prefer rain over sun and football over HGTV.
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