A burned out mom of 5 kids – 3  step kids, 2 bio kids, living in an affluent suburb of southern California. I am once divorced, happy in my second marriage and an avid observer of parenting.

Over the years I’ve stumbled with parenting decisions, sometimes defaulting to just wanting to be ‘normal’ for the sake of fitting in. It’s taken a while, but I finally get it – I’m SO not normal, I don’t feel comfortable in this environment and I’m not sure my kids have seen any benefit from my tendency to go along with it. Sure, they have good friends, a nice house, laptops, a ‘plugged in’ mom, access to great schools and a seemingly bottomless pit of activities to choose from – but is it authentic? Are they preparing themselves for life? Are we preparing them for life?

Me in 10 Years

So here I am bubbling over with observations about today’s kids – they are too entitled, privileged, spoiled and coddled. They are too protected from negativity, failure and risk. Their parents are occasionally ridiculous. I’m occasionally ridiculous.

So here’s a peek at how we’re raising tomorrow’s leaders. God help us all.

2 of my Spawn

2 Responses to About

  1. Marilou Ramos says:

    You’re hilarious & I’m so glad to know that us “misfits” are out there doing what we do in however we can best do it…your writing feels revealing…thank you for putting yourself out there & creating more connections. ..

  2. Amy says:

    Hi Rebecca!
    Amy here from Chicago but now in England where you’d have fun analysing Mummies here, too
    Enjoying the blog which I just discovered
    Keep me on your list and tell me the best address to post you an old fashioned Xmas card (I believe in not going electronic for those) xx amy

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