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Risk…The Inner Voice and Pharmaceuticals

I just finished a Harley Davidson Rider’s Edge motorcycle class. I’ve ridden dirt bikes, snowmobiles, jet skis…but never a motorcycle (legally). I’ve always wanted a motorcycle license, if not for the alternative (and clichéd) lifestyle statement it seems to make … Continue reading

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Muffin Tops and Other Aging Bummers

Wrinkles I hate my wrinkles. They make me look really old, especially the little vertical lines around my mouth. How did those even get there? I’m not and never was a chain smoker, and although I’m a tad bitter (I … Continue reading

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Hole-y Underpants, Batman! Signs you’re Spiraling…

You can tell a lot about a gal by the underpants she’s wearing. Underpants give us a peek into the lives of their wearers – most specifically, stage of life/age and level of confidence. My mom used to insist that … Continue reading

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