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The Bitter Ex, Part III – Righteous Indignation and Following Court Orders

There’s something about divorce that brings out the inner animal; that primeval part of us that is stripped bare of social restraint and operates only on instinct. A predatory instinct. Thank goodness for that little guidebook we like to call … Continue reading

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Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry…About Discipline

Is your kid respectful? If you answered yes, consider this: is your kid respectful when you’re not looking? We’re softies with our kids…at least compared to how our parents handled us when we were naughty (and even when we weren’t). … Continue reading

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The Elixir of Bittnerness (Monday Discourse)

I’m bitter. I admit that. Most of my friends, my family and certainly my husband will attest to this. I’m the first to point out the everyday annoyances that combine to elevate the blood pressure – grocery shoppers parking their … Continue reading

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