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The Bitter Ex Part IV – In Their Own Words

The bitter ex is a detached, troubled shadow of their former self. In case after case, regardless of gender or the circumstances surrounding a divorce, if an ex turns bitter, the same vindictive and destructive behavior will result. They cease … Continue reading

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The Bitter Ex, Part III – Righteous Indignation and Following Court Orders

There’s something about divorce that brings out the inner animal; that primeval part of us that is stripped bare of social restraint and operates only on instinct. A predatory instinct. Thank goodness for that little guidebook we like to call … Continue reading

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Intestinal Fortitude or Denial? You Decide!

Our response to small roadblocks often determines our character and overall mettle. What’s your mini-crisis threshold? Take this short multiple-choice quiz and see how you score: 1. You just got a bad haircut/color. Your reaction was: a. Disappointment – I … Continue reading

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